Hand –embroidered picture: “Peony Flowers”

Hand –embroidered picture: “Peony Flowers” 1


Peony is called the princess of the flowers. This type of flower represents the noble & luxurious beauty, the passionate attraction, the youth’s emotion strongly expressed.

In Hong Kong, the Peony is regarded as the flower of royalty and luxury, symbolizing for the richness, prosperity and beauty. In Japan, Peony represents the happy marriage with a lot of children. In the Western language of the flowers, due to its wonderful medical properties, Peony is considered as one herbal medicine and also has the meaning of “timidity”.

Nowadays, Peony is the symbol of wealth and prosperity. From the old days, this royal flower was only possessed by the rich noblemen.

With the charm of Peony, they believe that this is the symbol of wealth, honor and happiness. Therefore, the clients often buy this superior hand embroidery of Theu Viet to give as a present in the ceremonies of new houses, on the occasion of New Year in order to wish the more and more wealth and happiness.

 Besides, the quintessence of this superior hand embroidered picture of Peony brings about the charm, attraction and good luck in love. Hence, the owners need to notice that it is worth placing the picture of Peony in the direction of love (the South-West) inside the bedroom.

Decorating the embroidery of lotus is to welcome the everlasting wealth and forever prosperity.

(Hand – Embroidered Pictures – Vietnames– Theu Viet)

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