Hand embroidery “Season of yellow Tithonia Diversifolia”

The Tithonia Diversfolia is also called as daisy or wild sun flowers… The flower stem is fragile, the flower petals are small but they all rise up and blossom brilliantly.

Hand embroidery “Season of yellow Tithonia Diversifolia” 1

Watching these flowers rise up high and compete to blossom bearing the strong energy in the hand embroidered picture “Season of yellow Tithonia Diversfolia”, no one cannot stand falling in love with the exquisite and wild beauty of these flowers.

The more you watch, the more you find as if you are lost in the dreamy city scenery full of yellow color of Tithonia Diversfolia which makes the heart of travelers beat and it is for difficult to forget the feeling of being immersed in such marvelous scenery.

Decorating the embroidery “Season of yellow Tithonia Diversfolia” in the your living room not only brings about the luxurious beauty but also brings the strong energy to the whole family, especially the children. The color of the picture is really cheerful; the image of the full-energy yellow Tithonia Diversfolia is very close to our children.

You also can buy this high quality embroidered picture “Season of yellow Tithonia Diversfolia” to give your friends, your relatives as the presents. Especially, for those who love paintings, the picture of yellow Tithonia Diversfolia is truly the valuable gift.

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