The Huc Bridge – The crown of Sword Lake

The Huc Bridge – The crown of Sword Lake 1

The Huc Bridge is also regarded as the symbol of the Sun God because The Huc Bridge heads the east, towards the direction of the sunrise in order to take that entire energy. With such meaning, for long, the bridge has been putting on itself the red color – the color of energy, of all happiness sources, of the generation-to-generation wish from the old age till present.

Maybe the combination of Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge and Sword Lake has made up the most suitable architecture as a whole, creating the ancient and harmonious beauty for the temple and the lake, giving the feelings of harmony between the human and the nature. This place also becomes the monuments which recall the old memories about the national history, awake the legitimate pride and patriotism as well as the spirit and consciousness of Vietnamese people to the everlasting of the nation.

Among the traditional hand embroideries of Theu Viet Art Quintessence JSC, The Huc bridge is presented with the threads of bright red color, whereas, the surrounding scenery is mysterious as the illusion. The embroiders have infused the soul in each thread in order to create a harmony, give the liveliness to the masterpiece of this perfect complex of Sword Lake, Turtle Tower, Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge – the typical symbol of Hanoi today.

The Huc Bridge is compared to the precious crown of Sword Lake while Sword Lake helps Hanoi to be more charming and gentler. It is this beautifully perfect combination to make the travelers impossible not to fall in love when they come to Hanoi capital of Vietnam.

(Hand embroidered pictures – Theu Viet)

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