What are the products of Theu Viet?

Besides the hundred year durability, the hand embroidered pictures are more outstanding than other categories of pictures to the extent that they somehow express the soul of the person hanging the pictures. A high quality embroidered picture will not be old-fashioned by the time because it is converged from the nation’s quintessence. To speak about the art of picture collection, from a hand embroidered picture, apart from the meaning of the work, picture lovers also see the soul, image of the ancient women who are diligent next to the embroidery frame; it takes the viewers back to the silent moment of the soul.

The most importance to make an embroidered picture of Theu Viet is both the equal of idea and the painter’s & embroidery craftsman’s soul for the love in art. A complete hand embroidered picture must go through many stages.

What are the products of Theu Viet? 1

Firstly, the painter must clear the idea of the piece to be created, and use the black pencil to draw on the tracing paper and then use the needle to tattoo. After that, colored powder is mixed with kerosene and is spread on the silk tissue. The following is to select the threads & needles and then start to make the embroidery lines. Everything is a perfect & through chain with the continuous creativity. By combining the typical traditional hand embroidery skill with the creativity, the aesthetical taste of the craftsmen, Theu Viet’s embroidered products all carry the very harmonious, sharp & sophisticated colors from the lay-out to each line of embroidery.

Nowadays, Theu Viet Company has been developing the traditional hand embroidery skills in to “Art Quintessence”. The hand embroidered products of Theu Viet have been created by the fusion of painters’ soul, the creativity of the craftsmen and the skillful hands of embroiderers; with the short needle lines and threads as small as silk together with the special & subtle colors, the strange patience and elaboration, we have made the products of high artistic value to which the other artworks cannot reach.

 Theu Viet Art Quintessence Joint Stock Company.

Specializes in:

Superior traditional hand embroidered pictures

Embroidering the souvenirs

Embroidering the costumes – Kimono – Hanbok 

Coming to Theu Viet, the customers not only enjoy the wonderful hand embroidered products but also get the considerate and enthusiastic service of the company. Our Theu Viet always brings the customer a cozy art space under the mottoes: “Art exchange is the principal, serving the customers is the top”.

In the near future, Theu Viet strives for building a tourism complex including: Exhibition of artistic hand embroideries, Center for Art exchange and criticism, Center for music appreciation & traditional culture, Entertainment & country’s cuisine …  We have always made the continuous attempts to bring about the most comfortable and best service quality to all the clients who have been coming and will come to Theu Viet.

Theu Viet Art Quintessence Joint Stock Company

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