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The afternoon in my hometown


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The afternoon in my hometown

The warm affection of the couple is conveyed by the craftsmen through the marvelous embroidered lines, creating a lively and meaningful picture.

They come back home together after the whole day of hard work. It is just a small simple house but makes the viewers feel so warm.

With the main deep colors together with the green of the freshness, the embroiderers have been very skillful at using the colors for the embroidered picture. The embroidery “The afternoon in my hometown” has truly made many people feel moved. That is only a very narrow space for both husband and wife to get home leisurely from the field; only a banana tree with plentiful of fruits, a mother hen instructing a brood of the chicks to look for food… however, it is desiring to others. The embroidered picture opens another space, the space of a family gathering around for the dinner.

The warmness and closeness of the embroidery make the viewers feel that both prosperity and fame are no longer important. The embroidered picture has evoked such a strange peacefulness that anyone looking at the picture would like to leave all the tasks to return to the family.

Even though it is really simple, with the skillful hands of the embroiderers, the picture appears to be promoted to the new grade. It is delicate, gentle, simple but not common at all. The picture is very suitable for such spaces as luxurious living rooms, office rooms; especially with the appropriate deep colors, this embroidery will make the living rooms or office rooms more and more luxurious if it is used in the big size.

(Hand embroidered pictures – Theu Viet)

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