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The Sword Lake


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The hand embroidered picture “The Sword Lake” seems to take the entire Hanoi autumn into your house

(Hand – Embroidered Pictures – Vietnames– Theu Viet) – Sword Lake is one of the sacred symbols of Hanoi capital, Vietnam. Is there anyone coming to Hanoi without walking around Sword Lake and watching the ancient Turtle Tower and the row of green willow trees hanging down the lake?

Sword Lake has become one of the famous cultural symbols of Hanoi capital. Even they are Hanoi citizens or the travelers, anyone will go for a walk around Sword Lake once or twice in order to enjoy the fresh air and watch the Turtle Tower from the far distance.

Sword Lake is a natural fresh water lake with the area of around 12 hectares. The lake used to own many different names. In the past, as the water of the lake was always green, it was called Luc Thuy (green water) Lake, Thuy Quan Lake (used for reviewing the navy), Ta Vong Lake and Huu Vong Lake (in Le dynasty). The name of Hoan Kiem Lake appeared in the beginning of 15th century in connection to the legend of the king Le Thai To returning the magic sword to the Turtle God.

Around Sword Lake, there are many well-known historical and cultural scenic spots of Hanoi such as Turtle Tower standing in the center of the lake, Ngoc Son Temple staying in the North of the lake, The Huc Bridge –the bridge painted with red color and leading to the gate of Ngoc Son Temple, Pen Tower (Thap But), Writing Pad (Dai Nghien), Ba Kieu Temple…

Sword Lake has come into poetry & painting as a symbol of emotion in Hanoi. In the traditional hand embroideries, Sword Lake has become an artwork charming those who love art and appreciate the pictures.

The hand embroidered picture of Sword Lake is easy to be decorated, in the living room, bedroom, kitchen…creating the fresh feeling of the atmosphere, as if it took the entire Hanoi autumn into the house.

The hand embroidery of Sword Lake by Theu Viet with the quintessence of traditional embroidery art, can make the sparkling sunshine, the rows of small willows reflected in the lake enter the soul of the viewers.

(Hand – Embroidered Pictures – Vietnames– Theu Viet)

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