High quality embroidery: An afternoon in the countryside

High quality embroidery: An afternoon in the countryside 1

From those feelings, the artisans of Theu Viet high quality embroidery have used the needle lines and stitches to make a picture of the countryside during the harvest with the closest features.

Looking at this high quality embroidery, the viewers seem to be able to return to their childhood, to the harvest, to the buffalos, to the afternoons when they were leisurely fishing by the lake… With their sensitivity, perhaps, no one can hold themselves in front of this wonderful picture of Vietnam countryside.

Normally a room will be split into 8 directions according to the Feng Shui specialist. Each direction affects a different luck in your life; therefore, it is advised to know how to decorate suitably. For the positive images, they will promote their advantages if they are decorated in the places of “favorable terrain”.

The hand-embroidered picture of the country by Theu Viet has evoked the fullness, the richness and the comfort; thus, the user should place it in the South East, the direction of prosperity, which will be very good for prosperous development.

With a big size picture, the user may arrange it with good balance for the whole wall. And with pictures of medium or small size, the owner should install the spotlights on the upper side in order to promote the image of the embroidery and to improve the activation of the energy at the same time.

(Hand embroidered pictures – Theu Viet)

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