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To be charmed with hand embroidery skills of the craftsmen of traditional hand embroidered pictures

Hand embroidery skills require not only the patience & elaboration but also the creativity. Embroidery is not only the technique but also the forming art. With their eyes and skillful hands, the embroiderers use the needles and threads to create the works of art as they want.

Origin of Embroidery

Why are the hand embroideries of Vietnam today called “the artistic pictures”? Perhaps embroidering a picture with the fragile threads by the embroiderers is considered to be the art, not just simply a “craft” like before.

What are the products of Theu Viet?

From the past till now, the art of embroidery is not only known as one of the Vietnamese traditional handicrafts but also mentioned as a cultural beauty of the country. Unlike the pictures painted with oils, colored powder, or the gemstone pictures recently, the embroideries are not done

Theu Viet – A journey of development

With the principle of “Preserving the culture – Bettering the Art”, Theu Viet has wished to bring the cultural values of the nation into the traditional hand embroideries such as Ao-dai, embroidered pictures, souvenirs… That is also the way to nourish the soul, helping everyone to think of

Where honors Vietnamese culture

Not so many people believe that this small S-shaped land shall be the place to gather the imposing landscapes, long-standing traditions and gave birth to many talented & outstanding persons, of which it is impossible not to mention the hand embroidery craftsmen of Vietnamese traditional handicraft villages. With
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