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In Vietnam, hand embroidery is a long-standing traditional craft. Originating from the old concept that “Men read the books and recite the poetries – Women with needles & threads do the sewing and embroidery”, the majority of Vietnamese women have known how to sew and embroider. From time to time, the embroidery skills of Vietnamese people have reached the more virtuosity & sophistication and unconventionality.

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Only through the needle lines & stitches, the craftsmen have shown lively the ups and downs of time, reproducing the historical events – a splendid period of the country. Each embroidered picture possesses such simple and natural appearance but hides inside the country soul and personality of the Vietnamese.

The art of embroidery is beautiful and the traditional hand embroidered picture often leaves us the indescribable feelings. That is a pride of the nation, an admiration combined with the emotion & thankfulness. No one standing in front of a traditional hand embroidered picture can hide those sacred feelings. Since the lines, colors, shapes, even the soul of people and sceneries in the embroideries are all reproduced lively like the reality, attracting the viewers all the times.

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With the wish to restore and promote the precious hand embroidery tradition of the country, and bring the art of Vietnamese embroidery to many of art lovers in the world, Theu Viet Art Quintessence JSC was officially established. Hopefully, with our best efforts, Theu Viet shall become the connection bridge to bring the clients closer to Vietnamese embroidery art quintessence.

Except for supplying the fine, reputable & superior embroideries with competitive prices, Theu Viet Art Quintessence JSC also provides the clients with beautifully- originally embroidered patterns of Ao-dai to honor the traditional art as well as the figures of Vietnamese women. We call that unique product as embroidered Ao-dai.

Thus, not only are Ao-dai dresses designed, measured & made carefully and meticulously but they are also decorated by our long-standing embroidery craftsmen of Theu Viet with delicate & soft lines, promoting the purified & womanly beauty of Vietnamese women. Such idea makes the luxury, innovation and modernization without losing the traditional beauty of Vietnamese Ao-dai. Still they are the old traditional materials such as: silk, Van Phuc silk, tussore… but are combined with delicately embroidered pictures, the Ao-dai of Theu Viet will be more beautiful, luxurious and more aristocratic. You will feel more confident & interested when putting on the one-thousand-year beauty of the nation. You can be confident to introduce to the friends from five continents that this is the Vietnamese art quintessence, the talented product of Vietnamese people. We have the right to be proud of such valuable and beautiful traditions.

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Perhaps, for respecting and taking a loving care of traditional values, hand embroideries and embroidered Ao-dai of Theu Viet Art Quintessence JSC have become the top choice of the customers during the important occasions; have been the unique presents with the warm affection and gratitude of homeland to the  relatives and friends when coming to Vietnam for visit & travel. Especially, embroidered Ao-dai dresses are also the favorite costumes of many singers, actors, teachers and business persons…when participating in the important events.

Theu Viet Art Quintessence JSC hopes that, with our delicate embroidered products, we will be such a part to bring back the valuable traditions of the nation, helping Vietnamese people to be proud of the talent, cleverness and the wonderful creativities of Vietnamese people in the eyes of the friends from five continents. It is predicted that, in the following period, Theu Viet Art Quintessence JSC will broaden the operation in term of size and quality, diversifying the products for better serving the the needs of the customers.

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