One Pillar Pagoda – A thousand-year lotus of Hanoi Capital

This is a creative architectural work in combination with the architectural space of the high or low rhythms including stone sculpture, painting, and corridor sculpture. The front is the symbol of culture and high artistic feature, the strong national nature. The pagoda was destroyed and rebuilt in smaller size compared with the original model. This reminds of the period when there was a cluster of unique architecture.

The pagoda has only one compartment called Liên Hoa Đài (lotus sepal), we usually call it One Pillar Pagoda. The pagoda is in a square shape with each dimension of 3m; the curved roof is built on the cylindrical stone pillar of 4m with the diameter of 1.2m. The stone pillar includes 2 blocks which are skillfully connected together and look like one at the first glance. The uniqueness of One Pillar Pagoda architecture is that the entire pagoda is placed on one stone pillar.

One Pillar Pagoda – A thousand-year lotus of Hanoi Capital 1

There is the original combination of the romantic and imagination which is full of poetic delight through the lotus image and the perfect solutions on the wooden structures with the system of foundation and spacers; especially using the big crossed bearers from the pillar to the ground both creates the solid position and brings the aesthetic effectiveness like the curved lines of the lotus petals, establishing the harmony between the roof and the ground by a virtual symmetry. Together with the square pond below which may be the symbol for the earth (the sky was round, the earth was square), the pagoda seems to raise the lofty concept: The humanity enlightens the whole world. The block of wood-stone architecture is supported by the landscape with the pond and trees, creating the closeness, purity and elegance.

The high quality embroidered picture “One Pillar Pagoda” is created by the craftsmen of Theu Viet Art Quintessence JSC on the scenery that seems unreal but also real, with the pink lotus embellished, creating the noble feeling of architecture as if it were to share, to be with the nature and the green color of the trees. Hanging the Feng Shui hand embroidery “One Pillar Pagoda” in the house will help the owner to get rid of all the worries and reach the purity of the soul.

The high quality hand embroidery “One Pillar Pagoda” may be decorated in the house, the living room or in the office room. It may be given as a present on the special occasions, the opening ceremonies; decorated in the large spaces, at the private houses, the villas, the office of the government, the embassy, or hotels….

(Hand – Embroidered Pictures – Vietnames– Theu Viet)

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