Temple of Literature – Temple of Confucius

Temple of Literature – Temple of Confucius 1

Hand embroidered Temple of Literature

The Temple of Literature – the Imperial Academy – the Vietnam’s first national university, which was the “Confucian scholar and Confucian school”, the “Temple of Confucius”, where they trained and praised the talented persons of the country; nowadays is the largest historical – cultural monument complex in Hanoi’s center. It symbolizes for the process of Vietnamese culture. The temple, with its dynamic activities of culture and science, is now contributing greatly to the preservation of the character of national culture to make the Capital worth being a gem of the one-thousand-year national civilization.

Being passionate about the deep, thoughtful beauty with the historic mission of the country, Theu Viet’s artisans have used their skillful hands and their free souls to embroider the picture named “Temple of Literature- the Imperial Academy”, in which in the center is Kheu Van Pavilion in bold red color, standing out of the light green color of the surrounding canopies of trees.

Nowadays, the Temple of Literature is still the famous touristic destination of many Vietnamese as well as international tourists.

(Hand embroidered pictures – Theu Viet)

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