Trang Tien Bridge – Connection of the past and the present

Trang Tien Bridge – Connection of the past and the present 1


Even now and later on, there have been and will be many bridges crossing Huong River, that bridge is still always the symbol for the ancient capital of Vietnam, the hyphen in history between the past and the present and the future.

In spite of many historical ups and downs, many changes, Trang Tien Bridge is still a poetic feature of Hue. The gentle and charming figure of the bridge has given a lot of emotion to the writers and poets, and to the artisans. Trang Tien Bridge is also a place name which connects closely to the life, the love of the people here.

The image of the parallel spans of the bridge reflected in the river and in the sky; the image of the purple traditional long dresses of the young girls standing on the bridge; the boats in the river, under the bridge; the canopies of flamboyant at the two bridgeheads; the image of the bridge colorfully and brilliantly illuminated at night… are always the beautiful memories, the romantic melodies and words of dreaming Hue forever.

Among the hand embroidered pictures by the traditional embroiderers, Trang Tien Bridge is brilliantly and lively presented with the lines of glossy silk threads, as if it brought the whispers from the past to the present, attached to the heart of the ancient capital citizens.

Trang Tien Bridge is the important and meaningful connection of history, of the past – the present, the belief – the desire of the future.

(Hand embroidered pictures – Theu Viet)

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