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Cedars – Cranes – Peonies


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Cedars – Cranes – Peonies

(Hand – Embroidered Pictures – Vietnames– Theu Viet)The hand embroidered picture “Cedars – Cranes – Peonies” represents the prosperity, the longevity which conveys the very good meaning.

Cedar grows in the mountain which is dry and lacks the nutrition. It grows right at the tottery top, standing a lot of dew and wind, snowstorms without dying or falling, which represents the persistent energy. The ancient people believed that the cedar represents for hundreds of trees; apart from the meaning of longevity, the cedar is also the representative for the sense of purposes and uprightness. In addition, in Chinese concepts, the cedar also has the strong capacity of eliminating the evil spirits, expelling the ghost and devil. Thus, the cedars bring the tranquility, good fortune to the human.

Crane in the old legend is a fairy bird. In “Tước bào cổ kim chú”, it is written: “Hạc thiên niên tắc biến thành thương, hựu lưỡng thiên tuế tắc biến hắc, sở vị huyền hạc dã” (Over a thousand years, the cranes change into blue; over two thousand years, the cranes change into black; thus they are called fictional cranes). Therefore, the ancient people considered the cranes as the birds which symbolize for longevity.

Peony is a royal, luxurious flower in China, symbolizing for the richness, the wealth and the beauty. In Japan, the peony represents the happy marriage with a lot of children.

Hence, the gathering of three feng shui factors with such good meanings makes a wonderful picture. The embroidery “Cedars – Cranes – Peonies” is not only lively but also colorful with a lot of meanings combining together, increasing the feng shui value and power. It means “Happiness – Prosperity – Longevity”

Theu Viet’s hand embroidery “Happiness – Prosperity – Longevity” is done with soft colors, bringing the peaceful easy feeling.  Please watch the picture carefully through each tiny corner in order to feel the sophistication of Theu Viet’s hand embroidery.

(Hand – Embroidered Pictures – Vietnames– Theu Viet)

Hand embroidered, embroidered, Lotus, tranh theu, tranh theu tay


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