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Hand-embroidered picture: “COLORFUL SPRING SCENERY”

(Hand – Embroidered Pictures – Vietnames– Theu Viet)– This unique hand embroidery always brings the viewers a feeling as if they were seeing, touching the beautiful spring scenery of the forest in the North-West region of Vietnam.

Spring comes and the forest of North-West region appears to put on the dress of beautiful flowers. Being in the atmosphere of spring, the scenery here is always immersed in a foggy atmosphere and a forest of cherry blossoms as well as other types of flowers displaying their colors. The cherry blossoms, big yellow peaches, small yellow peaches, Satsuma plums, purple plums, Victoria plums, gladiolus, plum blossoms, pearl blossoms, peach blossoms, daisies, roses…especially the immortelles always blossom, live forever with time.

Having this high quality embroidered picture “Colorful spring scenery” in the house will make you feel as if you were always living in the spring of the North-West forest, wandering and stepping into the villages in order to feel more relieved; the feeling of tiredness suddenly disappeared and it only remained the very light heart in harmony with the earth and sky.

.Looking at the embroidery “Colorful spring scenery” after coming back from work each day makes you feel as if you forgot all the feelings of sorrow, the worries, the dusty streets… only the cloud, the sky, the romantic, impressive scenery of the North-West mountain and forest are with you … The people here live with clouds, immersed in the clouds, let their soul sometimes mysterious and blurry, sometimes brightened and attached to the clouds.

(Hand – Embroidered Pictures – Vietnames– Theu Viet)

Hand embroidered, embroidered, COLORFUL SPRING SCENERY, tranh theu, tranh theu tay


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