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Horses arrive, success follows


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Horses arrive, success follows

(Hand – Embroidered Pictures – Vietnames– Theu Viet) The embroidered picture “Horses arrive, success follows” is a meaningful present, usually given offered on the occasions such as opening ceremonies, present giving, present for the new house of the family, presents for business partners, presents for events, and ceremonies of commencement… which means the lucky present.

The horse is the most loyal animal. The horse is also the image of patience, persistence, of long lasting, good luck which brings the good fortune. The horse stands in the 7th position of 12 earthly branches. It brings about the good fortune, the prosperity in business, increasing the wealth and helping the designed work to complete faster than expected and achieve the better results compared to the expectation. In ancient times, to go to the battle or to go on business, the only means of transport is the horse. At the time, each time of going far away was really difficult; they needed to go for months or for years before returning. Thus, “Horses arrive” means: good luck for return.

The picture of eight galloping horses represents the star No.8 which is full of energy, bringing the great source of good fortune. It is for those who travel often to faraway places, for the journeys with success. In investment and business, it brings the great good advantage to the owner. The picture “Horses arrive, success follows” shall be placed in office room or living room; in the direction of horses’ turning their heads and running towards the house.

In Feng Shui, “Horses arrive, success follows” is usually for those who just start their business, just open their shops or those on their way of pursuing their position and fame.

The ones who are given the hand embroidered picture “Horses arrive, success follows”, once they have got the success, shall not give, lose, or damage that picture of eight horses. Thus, the givers of the picture “Horses arrive, success follows” often choose Theu Viet’s high quality embroidery which is both meaningful and lasting forever without damage.

(Hand – Embroidered Pictures – Vietnames– Theu Viet)

Hand embroidered, embroidered, Lotus, tranh theu, tranh theu tay


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