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The countryside


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Hand- embroidered picture: “The countryside”

(Hand – Embroidered Pictures – Vietnames– Theu Viet) – Nowadays there are many landscape embroideries of the countryside in Theu Viet hand-embroidered collection…

Each picture is an angel of life & culture of ancient Vietnamese villages. In a picture, there is the banyan tree, the river wharf, the boat… In another picture, there is the river with the boats, the herd of buffalos busy eating the grasses… Those sceneries evoke a region for others to remember. And for anyone seeing the peacefulness and purity of the embroidery, they also wish to live, to return once to such beautiful scenery.

In order to create such artistic products , the artisans of Theu Viet hand embroidery have given much devotion in each picture. For the artistic embroidered pictures, not only the skills are used to create the embroidery, but also the feelings, the souls are conveyed through each embroidered picture by the artisans.

The high quality embroideries of the countryside are often used as the interior decorations for living room, or other interior spaces such as restaurants, hotels. With the criterion of importing the “country soul” of Vietnam into each hand embroidered picture, the category of this product is very suitable for those who are nostalgic, in concord with the open space of the nature.

(Hand – Embroidered Pictures – Vietnames– Theu Viet)

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