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The Lotus and the Carps


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The scene in the embroidered picture “the Lotus and the Carps” might be understood: Lotus represents a lot of meanings: “Lotus”, in Han dynasty is pronounced as “liên” which is homonymous with “liên” (continuous, consecutive); “fish” is pronounced in Han language as “ngư”, as “yu” which is homonymous with “dư” (comfortable). Lotus –fish represents the “consecutive comfort” which does not mean that sometimes it is comfortable, sometimes it is not. In the drawing “liên dư”, the fish is usually drawn with big quantity.

Carp is the symbol of patience, sacredness and nobility. In the legendary, there is the story of the carp crossing the wu gate to transform into dragon. Therefore, the carp is considered as the dragon – a scared animal. The carp symbolizes the promotion of success and fame. In the business, the carp symbolizes for water energy (Thủy khí) which means the rich source of good fortune. The carp is one of the very good energies for both aspects of career and fame.

The picture of 9 carps. It is taken the advantage of the homonym between “cửu” which means nine and “cửu” which means long to wish the long comfort. With Theu Viet’s high quality embroidered picture named “Cửu ngư đồ”, it always expresses the following meanings:

1. The intrinsic purity

2. The samsara of cause and effect

3. Marriage

4. The consecutive succession

5. Prosperity

6. The abundant potential and energy

Hanging the Carps picture in the living room of each house is the performance of welcoming the good fortune and success to the house. The combination of the two symbols: lotus pond and nine carps creates the Feng Shui meaning of the wish to have a comfortable life, successful career forever.

(Hand – Embroidered Pictures – Vietnames– Theu Viet)

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