Embroidery and Feng Shui

Hand – Embroidered Pictures: A dreaming afternoon by the hill of pine trees

(Hand - Embroidered Pictures - Vietnames– Theu Viet) - The boat, the river bank, the row of trees...often appear in the hand embroidered pictures of Theu Viet; however, in each picture, these simple images are reproduced so marvelously that each piece becomes a story about the peaceful countryside.

Hand-embroided picture: The girl’s scooping water in front of the temple

(Hand embroidered pictures – Vietnames) - The hand-embroided picture “The girl’s scooping water in front of the temple” has shown fully the cleverness and delicateness of the artisans in each needle line and stitch. At the first glance, this embroidery expresses the marvelous beauty of the countryside landscape,

High quality embroidery: An afternoon in the countryside

(Hand embroidered pictures – Theu Viet) - Among the images about the country of Vietnam, perhaps the spaces of an afternoon in the countryside always bring about the special feelings to those who have been far away from their homeland...

High quality embroidery “Two fish of good fortune”

(Hand - Embroidered Pictures - Vietnames– Theu Viet) - The image “Two fish” is one of the luckiest symbols in practical Feng Shui. They bring the good luck to those who are in love as well as enhance the prosperity for life at the same time.

Lotus – the National Flower of Vietnam – is the closest flower for Vietnamese people.

(Hand - Embroidered Pictures - Vietnames– Theu Viet) - Lotus represents the noble beauty, the purity of the soul; it is also the sacred symbol of mysterious charm and the deep fanciful thoughts...

The Huc Bridge – The crown of Sword Lake

(Hand embroidered pictures – Theu Viet) - Perhaps, to talk about Hanoi, it is impossible not to talk about Sword Lake which is considered a symbol of the capital of the one-thousand-year civilization with the complex of monuments like Turtle Tower, Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge....
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