High quality embroidery “Two fish of good fortune”

High quality embroidery “Two fish of good fortune” 1

In many eastern countries, “Two fish” image is always used in the pendants or stored in the wallets to avoid the accidents, the defrauders, the bad persons.

In Thailand, “Two fish” is made of gold and let children put on as the amulet. “Two fish” is usually given the blessing by the monks and enhanced with esoteric incantations on the sheet gold and put inside the fish.

The Buddhists usually have the tradition of releasing the fish with the wish of creating the good karma. Among those to be released, releasing the fish is believed to bring about the great good fortune.

The high quality hand embroidery “Two fish of good fortune” is conducted by Theu Viet’s artisans with the very sophisticated traditional embroidery lines, mainly including the yellow color of richness and honor, tranquility and warmness. This is also one of the masterpieces of the high quality traditional embroideries of Theu Viet Art Quintessence JSC.

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