Hand – Embroidered Pictures: A dreaming afternoon by the hill of pine trees

In the picture, there is a girl sitting on the rock by the river bank. She is looking towards a faraway place as if she is waiting for someone. On the hill, a herd of buffalos is resting under the green pine trees casting their shadows in the afternoon. A small boat anchoring in the middle of the river listens to the soft whispers of the country.

The picture makes the pleasant scenery of the nature and in the heart of the young girl. There is the nostalgia faraway, just making the sky in the afternoon bluer, and the afternoon deeper.

Hanging the hand embroidered picture “A dreaming afternoon by the hill of pine trees” in the modern space is the way to feel the life drifting by slowly, in order to enjoy the slow living moments.

(Hand – Embroidered Pictures – Vietnames– Theu Viet)

Hand embroidered, embroidered, The girl’s scooping water in front of the temple, tranh theu, tranh theu tay

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